In-Pipe Low Voltage 48Volt DC SYSTEM

  • Freeze Protection developed the only LOW VOLTAGE IN-PIPE system for protecting pipes from freezing from inside the pipe. The low voltage heat cable can be retrofitted inside the pipe from 1/2 inch pipes up to larger pipes. The cable is 48VDC so is below the SELV safe low voltage level and is completely safe from electric shock,
  • We currently work in supplying and installation of Low voltage and conventional heat tracing to industries from water treatment and waste water treatment plants to mutlinational companies and all types of industrial applications. Please see PRODUCTS for our extensive range for all applications.
  • Please contact us by email or phone for details and pricing.



Our Mission

  •  Freezeprotection will protect our clients systems and equipment in all adverse climatic conditions, through excellence in heat-related technology, products and personnel, thereby improving the performance of industrial processes worldwide.

Our Core Values

  • Customer satisfaction is Freeseprotection's primary objective

  • As a member of the customer’s team, we provide value driven solutions by understanding customer needs and applying technical competence and appropriate resources in a responsive manner.  Freezeprotection can be relied upon to recommend solutions that are always in the best interest of our customer.